Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?
Our menu changes weekly and is posted every Saturday. Visit our website to place your order. You will have until Tuesday at 7:00pm to place your order for meal delivery for the following week. If you are placing your order in person, you will also have until Tuesday at 7:00pm to place your order. To ensure freshness, we deliver meals or allow pick up twice a week. Deliveries are made on Sunday and Wednesday evenings between 2pm and 6pm. See below for pick-up locations.

When are the meals delivered?
We do two meal deliveries a week, one on Sunday evening and the other on Wednesday evening. Deliveries arrive between 2pm and 6pm in their insulated bags.

Do I have to be home for drop off?
If you are not able to be home at the time of your delivery, please let us know. We will be sure to sufficiently ice your bag, however, bags cannot be left out for more than a couple of hours especially in the warmer weather.

Is there a meal delivery fee?
There is a $5 meal delivery fee for delivery outside of the delivery area.

Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver to Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Riverside, RI as well as the East Side of Providence, Portsmouth, Middletown and Newport. If you would like delivery outside of these areas please email us to see if we can make it happen. Email [email protected]

Can I also do a meal pick-up?
Yes, we have a pickup location at Body Natural Fitness at 306 County Rd, Barrington, RI. Meals can be picked up there on Mondays and Thursdays. Pickups are also available at Hope & Main, 691 Main Street, Warren between 9am and 5pm. These are “help yourself” pick ups. Cold bags are available on the hooks. If you have taken a bag previously, please bring it with you to pick up your meals. All meals will be labeled with names for you to easily see and grab yours. Call us if you have any questions at the pickup site (401) 580-4332. You will need to put your desired pickup location in your online order. Be sure to visit our mini-store to pick up meals ready to go at Body Natural, 306 County Rd, Barrington!

How do I reheat my meals?
All of our meals are completely cooked and only require reheating. It is our recommendation to reheat your meal, however, meals can be eaten cold.

  • Microwave – Microwaves can vary so start with 2 minutes and adjust accordingly. Your container is microwave safe.
  • Oven – Remove your meal from the plastic container and transfer to an appropriate pan or oven safe dish and heat at 350° until warm throughout. This should take less than 20 minutes.
  • Stovetop – Remove the meal from the plastic container and transfer to an appropriate pan or pot. Heat on the stovetop over medium to medium-high heat until warm throughout. This should take less than 10 minutes.

How long are meals good to eat?
All meals are packaged with a label that includes an “enjoy by” date. Meals delivered on Sunday or picked up on Monday can be enjoyed until Friday of that week. Meals that are delivered on Wednesday or picked up on Thursday can be enjoyed until Monday.

What do I do if I can’t eat my meal by the suggested eat-by-date?
Share your meal with a friend or family member. While some of our meals could be kept frozen for up to 3 months other meals will not freeze well. Use your own discretion if freezing meals.

Can I re-use the plastic containers?
Yes, and the plastic containers are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Can I return the plastic containers to you for you to reuse?
No, the health department does not allow that. But you can reuse the containers in your home or recycle them.

What do I do with the cold bags and ice packs?
Please return any bags and ice packs that you may have from a previous order if you have not already. We can pick these up at the time of delivery or you can drop them to Cindie at Body Natural.

I have a food allergy/sensitivity. Can I use your service?
We can accommodate most allergies and food sensitivities. All of our meals are gluten free and we cook with very little dairy but can fulfill requests for dairy-free meals. In our nutrition information, we highlight the 8 most common allergens. If you have specific concerns or questions about food allergies please email us and we will discuss.

Can I pay by check?
Yes, but you will need to place your order with Chef Cindie and pay by check.

I’d like to send meals as a gift. How do I do that?
You could either purchase a gift certificate or if you would like to choose the meals and order for the recipient(s), we would just need to know the name(s) of the recipient(s), a phone number and their address for delivery.

Where do you buy your ingredients and do your cooking?
The healthy, nutritious and tasty meals that we deliver to you start out as locally sourced, fresh produce and meats that are delivered the day before we cook. All of our cooking is done at Hope & Main in Warren, Rhode Island, a culinary business incubator with code-compliant, shared-use commercial kitchens. All of our food is prepared from scratch with the exception of a few products that we like to use from other Hope & Main businesses. We also buy from farmer’s markets and other local sources.